Warming Masques

Nov 13, 2020 | Eminence, Featured

It’s the time of year for the aroma of sweet spices and warming beverages by the fire, but did you know that you can also kick up your skincare routine with a little heat? Spices like cinnamon, nettle, and paprika found in our Eminence warming masques can be integrated into your treatment and at-home skincare routine to bring the heat and benefit your complexion.


Our Eminence stimulating masques have been infused with all-natural and organic spices like cinnamon, paprika, and nettle to give a warming boost to your skin care treatment.  Leaving the skin with a rosy glow, improved complexion, increased firmness, and toned appearance.  While these treatments feel toasty warm and provide a temporary rosy flush to the skin, it is important to note that they are not peels (no peeling or possible damage to the skin).  NOTE: The pro-only Blueberry Detox Peel combines spices and enzymes for a peel with a heat boost; this can only be applied by a licensed professional.


Warming masques can be used in treatment and at home to boost your skincare routine.  By increasing circulation the hot masque increases oxygen to the skin and moves waste through faster, creating a detoxification and oxygenation effect that will promote healthy glowing skin.  Were also encouraging faster cell turnover, product absorption, and infusion of antiaging and brightening antioxidants.


Warming treatments can provide correction and benefits for all skin concerns including tired sallow skin, dry or dehydrated skin, aging, and loss of elasticity, pigmentation, acne, and hormonally imbalanced skin.


Ready to warm up your skincare ritual?  Call your Estheticians at Bellanova and ask about our Autumn Warming Treatment or about which spiced treatment is right for you.

Lime Stimulating Treatment

  • For: Oily, Mature, Dehydrated, or Problem skin
  • Leaves skin firm, revitalized and clear

Paprika Herbal Treatment (Pro Only)

  • For: Mature, Uneven, or Problem skin
  • Even skin tone and texture; firm and detox

Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment

  • For: Oily, Tired, Sallow, Problem skin
  • Leaves skin purified and glowing

Eight Greens (Hot) Phyto Masque

  • For: Mature and Hormonally Imbalanced Skin
  • Combat problem skin and breakouts as well as the signs of aging

Turmeric Energizing Treatment

  • For: All skin types
  • Brighten and energize for luminous, firm skin

Blueberry Detox Peel (Pro Only)

  • For: Mature, Congested, Uneven, Problem skin
  • Skin is refined, purified, firm. Tone and complexion are even and glowing